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Ek Sirfarosh - The Braveheart

Vasu (Ajith) is a happy-go-lucky guy. He is a final year college student. Though uninterested, he is forced to contest the college elections by his friends (Venkat Prabhu and Arun). But little does he know that doing so will gain him the wrath of...


Anumati is the story of a man's struggles to save the life of his wife. He asks help from his children and relatives and even tries to sell his ancestral house due to lack of money. His old age and shortage of money make him helpless.?é?á


Sangeeta Pradhan (Kadambari Kadam) agrees to undergo a surgery on her ovaries after talking to Dr. Smita Deshmukh (Mukta Barve) and psychiatrist Dr. Suren (Amol Kolhe). However, the senior physician Dr. Khurana (Vikram Gokhale), who is supposed to...

Aai Tuza Aashirwad

Suraj lives with his mother, Urmilla and grandfather Raosaheb. Both adore him deeply, but dislike his habit of lying. However, one such lie of Suraj leads Usha to shower her blessings upon him instead of punishing him. So, what changes?

Balirajachya Rajya Yeu De

Balirajachya Rajya Yeu De is a 2009 Marathi drama film directed by Satish Randive. It stars Sachin Khedekar, Ashok Saraf and Neena Kulkarni in lead roles.

Aaji Ani Naat

Akshata (Tejashree Walawalkar) is a 7 year old girl who wants her grandparents. But her parents, Amey (Ashish Kulkarni) and Shama (Prajakta Kelkar), are both orphans. One day while Akshata dials random phone numbers, she comes in contact with...

Aayna Ka Bayna

Aayna Ka Bayna is a story of nine juvenile delinquents who take up dance therapy to do away with their bleak lives. These boys then participate in a dance competition to show their special talent to the world and wipe away their past.?é?á


Dattu (Makarand Anaspure) is a struggling actor. He gets the break of a lifetime when he is asked to play the role of a grandfather to a little boy, Parth (Shubhankar Atre). Parth's parents are too busy to give time to him. Dattu spends time with...


Arjun is the story of a young man who sets up his business despite sociocultural and political hindrances. 


When a young bride's soldier husband dies, she is blamed for the mishap and for having brought misfortune to the family. Her in-laws and parents disown her. But things soon take an unexpected turn when she is offered a compensation from the...


Gautham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan) is an heir to a large business empire. His aunt, Sunanda (Nadhiya), shares an estranged relationship with his grandfather because she had married against his wishes. Now Gautham disguises himself as a driver to mend...


Mayuri (Gautami Kapoor) and Vaijayanta aka Vaiju (Sharvari Jamenis) are two friends studying in the same college. They end up in a troubled situation when their prank goes awry and a man ends up dead. They run from the law and try every possible way...

Chennai vs China

"Bodhidharma (Suriya) is the son of the king of the Pallava Dynasty. He goes to China to stop the spread of a paramedic disease to India. He saves a girl with his hypnotic skills and fights for the ill-treated villagers. Soon the people of the...

Akleche Kaande

Pandurang, Kashinath and Baburao are three close friends, who are believers of different faith. They are in search of a suitable match for their adopted sister, Anita. However, Anita rejects all other boys and marries Abhijit. Meanwhile, Kashinath...

Chimani Pakhar

Chimni Pakhar is a 2003 Marathi movie directed by Mahesh Kothare. It stars Padmini Kolhapure and Sachin Khedekar in the lead roles.


Doghi is a story of two sisters. Due to a life of poverty, one of the two sisters travels to the city in search of livelihood. Let down by the city's unfavorable circumstances, she delves into flesh trade and begins to make a living out of it....


Dhagedore is a 2012 Marathi movie directed by Akshay Yashwant Datt. It stars Umesh Kamat, Sai Tamhankar and Bhargavi Chirmule in the lead roles.

Devi Karlyachi Ekvira

Devi Karlyachi Ekvira is a 2009 Marathi movie directed by Yaqub Saeed. It stars Neelam Shirke and Milind Gawali in the lead roles.

Amar Prem

Nandu belongs to a dysfunctional family where his step-mother does not treat him well. He finds solace in his neighbour, Pushpa (Sharmila Tagore), who loves him like her child. However, Nandu and his parents soon shift to another city. But both...


When the daughter of a single mother and criminal lawyer, Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), is kidnapped, no ransom is demanded. Instead, she is asked to defend a convicted felon, Miyaaz Shaikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal), who has been charged for...

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