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Udaan is a movie about a wealthy industrialist Mr. Sahay, who is killed by his three business associates. Mr. Sahay 's daughter Varsha (Rekha) slowly starts to unravel the truth about her father's death. When Varsha confronts the trio, they conspire...

Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

Maddy (R. Madhavan) and Sam (Saif Ali Khan) are old time college foes. After they graduate, Sam challenges Maddy that he will come for him one day and finish what he had started (their fight). But neither of them know how destiny will make them...

Socha na Tha

Viren (Abhay Deol) and Aditi (Ayesha Takia) are introduced to each other by their families. But Viren wants to marry his girlfriend Karen. However, Viren and Aditi meet by coincidence and the two bond quickly. Will Viren fall in love with Aditi? Or...


Gyaaniji is a 1977 movie starring Sunil Dutt and Reena Roy. It was directed by Chaman Nillay.

Giddh: The Vulture

Giddh is a movie based on the lives of young girls in a remote rural town of India, where they are not allowed marry but sold off to work in brothels as prostitutes.


Humayun, the son of Babur, must fight his attackers and take away Rajkumari (his adopted sister) to gain the throne back.

Thodisi Bewafaii

A young man (Rajesh Khanna) must start over from scratch after he loses his house, his business and his wife.


This film is about the life of Saint Tulasi Das who wrote great books like the Ram Charit Manas.

Pocket Maar

Roshan lives with his widowed mother and has made crime his career without her knowledge. Once Roshan steals from a man who was supposed to pay the debt of a mother and her daughter, Shukal. The man commits suicide and Roshan is guilt ridden. He...

Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani

'Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani' is based on the real life story of Dr. Dwarkanath S Kotnis, who went to China in 1938 as part of a medical mission and did exemplary work in curing a virulent plague. Directed by V. Shantaram, the movie was made in Hindi...


'Mayur Pankh' is a 1954 Indian film directed by Kishore Sahu. The movie was India's official entry to the 1954 Cannes Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Prize of the Festival.

Love (1991)

Jailed as a juvenile for killing his abusive father (Sudhir Kumar), Prithvi (Salman Khan) loses his temper whenever he witnesses any atrocity. He runs into Maggie Pinto (Revathi) and soon both fall in love. However, Maggie's mother, Stella (Reeta...

Punar Milan

Hailing from a decent upper class family, Dr. Mohan falls in love with Shobna and plans to marry her. However, on the day of their marriage, Mohan surprises everyone by asserting that he belongs to the lower class.

The Lunchbox

Winner of innumerable awards at multiple film festival, Bafta-nominated movie 'The Lunchbox' is an endearing tale of a young housewife who serendipitiously connects with an older man, who is in the dusk of his life. The two develop a special bond...


Kailash Pati is a devotional film revolving around Lord Shankar. The film is directed by Dhirubhai Desai, and stars Sumitra Devi, Mahesh Kumar, Niranja Sharma and Jeevan.


Rajan (Rajendra Kumar) is a successful surgeon in Delhi who hails from an affluent family with his father, Dindayal (Ulhas) as the Municipal chairman. During his childhood, while lighting Diwali firecrackers, he accidentally set his friend Shanti's...

Rustam Kaun

Rustom Kaun is a 1966 classic action Bollywood movie directed by Dharam Kumar. The film stars Randhawa, Tiger Joginder Singh, Mumtaz, Shakeela Bano Bhopali and Hercules along with others.

Nai Roshni

Professor Kumar (Ashok Kumar) is a respectable man, living a wealthy lifestyle. However, his dignity is at stake when Prakash (Biswajeet) claims to be his illegitimate son.

Haseena Maan Jayegi

Indian Army Officer, Kamal, and Archana get married but shortly thereafter he is called to the front as war has broken out. Once there, he meets with Rakesh - his look-alike - who plans to kill Kamal and take his place, but Kamal resists and emerges...

Devdas (1936)

'Devdas' is a tragic love story which revolves around Devdas, Parvati and Chandramukhi. Devdas, son of a rich landlord, and Parvati, his poor neighbour's daughter, are childhood sweethearts. Status and caste differences prevent their marriage and...

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