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About dittoTV
dittoTV is a brand new online subscription service for Live TV channels, Movies and Video on Demand. We are working hard on improving every aspect of our service and have a lot of exciting stuff up our sleeves. We hope you enjoy dittoTV.

How does dittoTV work?
Register with your email, and you can check out what we have to offer. Purchase a subscription that contains the content that you desire and you are ready to go. You can further click on the channels or videos you want to watch and enjoy unlimited entertainment. You can avail of our attractive subscriptions. dittoTV is also available on all leading mobile application stores, so download the app and enjoy dittoTV Anywhere!

How does the subscription work?
You can subscribe to one of our attractive packages. When your subscription period is over there will be no additional bills, no cancellation fee or any other cumbersome unsubscribe process. Of course we will love it if you re-subscribe!

What kind of subscriptions is available?
You can subscribe for:

Gold Pack (all LIVE TV channels and TV Shows only)

Superhit Movies Pack (a selection of Superhit Movies and Videos only) 

Platinum Access Pack (including ALL content available in the platform, live or video on demand).

Please make sure to choose the right subscription for you. 

How do I pay?
International customers can pay using your PayPal account. Click on Subscription Plans - upper right -, review and choose the desired subscription, press "subscribe".  In the pop-up message, select the desired period from the drop-down meniu, select "PayPal" at "payment methods" and click on "check out".  Please follow the PayPal procedures afterwards and complete the payment. Upon completion of payment, your package will be added to your account automatically, and will show up under "My Account" section, "Subscription Plans". 

What is the selection like?
Currently, dittoTV will allow you to select from a number of Live TV channels (Click here to see the channels currently available), Movies, TV shows and Videos. The number of channels, Movies, TV shows and Videos keeps increasing all the time so please check in often to make sure you don't miss out on new content. Stay tuned!

How much does it cost?
Click here to see what packages are available and what they cost. Watch as long as you want! Browsing trough the platform can be done even without being subscribed.

Where can I use dittoTV?
Currently,streaming on the international website www.dittotv.com is available in US/ Canada, UE and UK. We are constantly adding territories. 

How can I get support? 
Please check all Q&A available on this page. In case, your question is not answered you may either contact the dittoTV support team via webmail or drop us an email at supportint@dittotv.com

How do I unsubscribe?
There is no need to unsubscribe; your subscription will terminate automatically after the subscription period.


The Trial Package

Is a trial meant to provide a feel of the platform. New users receive two days of limited access to content. It is a random selection of titles from across our library. (some Live TV, Movies, TV Shows and Videos).

This is not a free access package to all the content.

In order to quickly find the content available, go to any section (ex: Movies) and use the "Sort by: Purchased first" function. The items available to you, will be at the top of the list and have a green checkmark in the lower right corner of their picture.


On which devices is dittoTV available?
ditto TV is available on iOS smartphones, Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 onwards), and on Windows and Mac desktop computers.

I am using Internet Explorer and I cannot open the website!

Unfortunately our system cannot run on Internet Explorer versions lower than 9. Please update your browser or choose an alternative one.

How fast does my broadband Internet connection need to be to watch instantly?
If your internet connection is faster than 100kbit/s then you are ready to go! For an optimum viewing experience 3G/4G mobile access or fixed line capacity will be needed. If your Internet speed is below this, dittoTV will still work but quality may be reduced. 

How fast does the TV channel start playing?
This depends on the internet connection available. Allow the stream a few seconds to start up.

Can I use my account on different devices?
Yes, you can use the service with as many devices as you please. But only one device at a time can be used to stream videos. Trying to use multiple devices at the same time will result in the interruption of sessions and, eventually, in suspension of service. If you are connected at any time on two different devices, and try to play on the previous,you will be automatically disconnected. Please make sure that no other sessions are live, both on your mobile or browsers, when you connect.   

The App tells me that there are network problems, what can I do?
Please check the internet connectivity of your device. dittoTV uses the standard internet access so if this is not available, dittoTV won't work.

The streams are stuttering or breaking up, what can I do?
Check your network connectivity, if connectivity is bad the streams may break up. If connectivity improves later on, services will be available again. You can try to select a different quality stream to improve your viewing experience.


7-Day Rerun Function

The Rerun function is a Gadget, provided freely and “as-is” to all users. Its main purpose is reviewing missing news and other informational segments and it has some limitations:
-The quality of the recording can be lower than that of the Live TV. 
-It is only available if the Live TV was available and ON-AIR at that time, interruptions of this service may occur due to copyright restrictions imposed by the content owners.
-It is split in hour-long segments and thus, recorded shows may be split over multiple recorded segments.
-For watching TV Shows, please access the TV Shows menu in the application, included your Live TV subscription.


Mirroring you device screen with Chromecast.

-On Android devices (4.2.2. or higher), download the official Chromecast app, press the Menu button and then select “Cast Screen”

-On a Windows PC, install the Chrome browser (if you don’t have it already) and add the Google Cast Extension in the Settings/Extensions page. This will add a Cast button in your browser, near the Settings button.

For more information visit the Chromecast developer website.

I lost my password, what can I do?
Please use the "forgot password?" in the sign in meniu and follow the instructions. The link to change your password will be sent via email. In case you don't find the email in your inbox, please also check your SPAM folder for accidental redirect. 

I receive a 404 error page?
Please try to use a different browser or do a "clear all browsing cach and history" on the existing one. For Windows devices, it is the combination ctrl-shift-del. 

Why do I see 0 credit in my account even after subscribing?
Credits can be used only as an alternative way of purchasing subscriptions. They come in the form of vouchers or scratch cards codes that can be obtained at a certain time from dittoTV authorised retailers. Charging the account with credits is also available on the mobile applications via in-app purchases. In that case, you need enough credit to allow you to purchase the desired package.